Best AI Tools To Power Your Academic Research (2023)

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Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to discover solutions to issues raised by scientific inquiry swiftly. Peer-reviewed research is scanned using AI, extracting the main conclusions from each study. Compared to manual searching, this gives people access to material from the scientific community more rapidly. The outcomes are entirely free of advertisements and supported by data from peer-reviewed studies, not by slanted advertising. Questions like “Are covid-19 vaccines effective?” “What are the benefits of mindfulness?” and “Do light blue glasses help with sleep?” may all be answered by consensus.

Using the AI application ChatPDF, users may have a conversational dialogue with a PDF file. Users may interact with any PDF they own, including books, research papers, manuals, articles, and legal documents, without signing in. ChatPDF uses a text-generation AI model similar to ChatGPT to comprehend PDF file content and provide pertinent answers. Before responding to the user’s queries, this program produces a semantic index for each paragraph in the PDF file.

With the help of ChatPDF, users may swiftly extract information from big PDF files, saving time while taking notes or writing summaries. With this AI technology, you can have natural-sounding conversations with PDF documents. However, ChatPDF may need help deciphering the graphics in the PDFs, and it could need help answering queries that call for comprehension of more than a few words at once.

An AI-powered research tool, Assistant by Scite, enables users to collaborate on essays and research papers, uncover evidence to support their claims and find evidence to refute them. Users may enter simple queries to get responses based on the complete texts of research publications. Users may use the application to obtain trustworthy information and create grant proposals or essay drafts by searching through millions of research articles.

After entering the question, they may use the tool’s aid to produce essays, grants, or paragraphs. Scite’s assistant also enables users to efficiently utilize data from research publications to support their academic work. Users might look for opposing evidence or summaries from relevant sources to further their investigation. On the tool’s website, it is also mentioned that users may modify their settings and reject cookies that are not essential.

The AI research assistant uses machine learning Elicit to aid in automating research procedures. It can locate relevant articles and extract important information without specific keyword matches. Elicit may also give various research activities, including brainstorming, summarizing, and text-categorization, as well as summarize key points from the document that are relevant to the user’s inquiry. This helps the user simplify their research process while also assisting them in utilizing research to discover solutions to their concerns.

Online grammar checker and language editor Trinka AI was created for technical and academic writing. It is designed to find mistakes other grammar checkers overlook, such as subject-verb agreement issues, syntax issues, word choices, pronoun and article use, and technical spelling. Additionally, it incorporates elements like style manuals, a professional tone, the use of technical words, and conciseness that go beyond grammar and spelling. Trinka has studied the top academic publications in every field to provide consumers with the finest recommendations. It is appropriate for various disciplines, including biology, physics, economics, engineering, chemistry, geology, social sciences, and medicine.

An easy approach to swiftly examine and evaluate the significance of documents like articles, reports, and book chapters is by using the online summarizing tool Scholarcy. It may be used to create summary flashcards of any Word or PDF document, which are then displayed in an organized and simple way to understand.

Automatic reference extraction, open access source linking, figure, table, and picture extraction are just a few of the services offered by Scholarcy. In addition, Scholarcy offers Chrome and Edge browser extensions that connect to open-access repositories and create a searchable database of summary cards that can be accessed from any device. Researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and others may save time and efficiently process much material with this AI-powered summary tool.

Most people are aware of Google Scholar, which uses Google’s search engine capacity to index scholarly publications. But you should try Semantic Scholar if you’re performing any scientific study. You can keep up with more than 200 million academic publications with this AI-powered search and discovery tool, supplied through publisher partnerships, data suppliers, and web crawls. Its AI algorithms help you identify previously unknown links and interconnections between study topics to give more relevant search results. They also suggest related articles based on the research you’ve previously saved.

Additionally, it can automatically create one-sentence summaries of each article to assist you in deciding which ones to read in-depth so that you can focus your attention on the most important things.

It is a blessing to search the internet for information online. However, there are two issues with the quantity of available data and the fact that it can be found in several formats, including blogs, essays, films, infographics, and images. It might take a lot of effort to locate and organize all the data related to your study’s many areas. lets you find and preserve pertinent information, including multimedia-rich, interactive research. It also enables simple real-time sharing of this material with other co-researchers as a cloud-based collaboration platform.

An AI-driven platform called SciSpace allows users to browse, comprehend, and submit scientific articles. More than 270 million articles, authors, subjects, journals, and conferences are available in its extensive searchable database. Its many services are a plagiarism checker, journal submission, XML converters, and an AI copilot to decipher any research paper.

Additionally, it provides various paper template options, flexible price options, and other services to speed up the printing process. Along with a collection of over 40,000 magazine designs, SciSpace also offers tailored suggestions for well-liked articles, themes, and conferences.

OpenRead is an interactive platform driven by AI that offers users a simple and thorough method to arrange, engage with, and analyze different literary types, including essays, journals, and research materials. The platform includes several features, including a Q&A system that allows prompt solutions to inquiries about articles and the Paper Espresso function, which helps researchers by digesting publications to produce literature reviews more quickly.

With no need for lengthy reading, the platform’s AI technology retrieves statistics, formulae, tables, and other crucial information from research articles. Additionally, OpenRead has a robust notes system that improves note-taking effectiveness by gathering and connecting notes and backlinking them in different contexts to make it simpler to return to them later.

Users may enhance their writing with Grammarly, an AI-powered online writing helper. It offers immediate comments on punctuation, grammar, spelling, clarity, style, and tone. On Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, Grammarly connects without a hitch with more than 500,000 applications and websites. It includes various tools, including an essay checker, citation generator, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism checker.

Individuals, groups, corporations, and educational institutions may all utilize Grammarly. It offers a variety of plans to accommodate various demands. Along with multiple tools and services, Grammarly also provides a blog, a tech blog, a blog for educators, a blog for businesses, and a blog for developers.

HeyScience is an AI-powered personal assistant that can analyze scientific research articles for scholars to save time. This technology can read millions of published papers in various scientific domains and produce a condensed overview of important ideas and procedures. Users may follow research trends in a particular field and keep up with the research of their peers with the aid of HeyScience. Users may quickly and efficiently search relevant information with only one click, saving time reading the literature.

“Scientist Spotlight,” another aspect of the program, enables users to keep track of their colleagues and their most recent papers. HeyScience enables researchers to precisely track their notions and ideas throughout the research trend cycle by delivering an alert for research triggers.

Based on ChatGPT, an AI language model that can comprehend text, tables, and graphics within PDF documents, ChatDOC is a file-reading assistant. It gathers, finds, and summarizes data to provide quick, clear responses in seconds. ChatDOC’s sophisticated AI engine enhances the effectiveness of its data analysis by choosing certain tables or words from your documents. Its comments are backed up by exact citations from the files, allowing for accurate fact-checking.

By allowing users to upload books, manuals, research papers, and other materials, ChatDOC is intended to help people read more rapidly and learn more effectively. Anyone who registers for a ChatDOC account may use ChatDOC for free. Users may upload up to 10 documents, and the file size is restricted to 150 pages. Users may easily search various papers with ChatDOC, and files are securely stored.

Using DocLime, users can quickly and easily extract pertinent data and solutions from their PDF documents. This application analyzes uploaded documents using cutting-edge AI technology and quickly produces accurate responses to user inquiries. Users must often conduct a laborious and time-consuming manual search to extract information from documents. DocLime is mainly meant to assist users in skipping this procedure.

Users of any technical skill level may utilize the platform thanks to its user-friendly and straightforward design. With DocLime, users may upload their PDF files and immediately ask questions.

Unriddle is an AI tool that breaks down difficult papers so users can ask queries and instantly get responses. Unriddle may use Any document as a dataset to build a unique AI. This program serves as a learning copilot by guiding users through complicated concepts and effectively reducing the time needed to digest them. Unriddle helps consumers obtain knowledge more quickly and conveniently using cutting-edge machine learning methods. The tool offers customers a watch demo option demonstrating its features and functionality.

Docalysis is a perfect option for teams and busy professionals with too many papers to read since it is simple to do manually. With the help of the AI-powered application Docalysis, users can interact with their PDF files and quickly get the answers to their queries, saving hours of manual document reading. Users may safely submit their papers to Docalysis and query the AI about their content. The application employs advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to decipher the user’s inquiries and give appropriate responses from the text.

In contrast to the conventional approach of reading pages of text, the AI-powered chat function enables a more conversational and engaging experience with the material.

A productivity application called Sharly AI employs generative AI to help professionals grasp lengthy papers faster. It uses the most recent language models and natural language processing to streamline long, complicated papers. By delivering precise and pertinent responses to queries regarding the document, the technology may help users cut down on time by up to 10 times. Users may upload the material they wish to understand, ask questions about it, and get pertinent replies using Sharly AI’s user-friendly interface.

In conversation with GPT, the tool’s accuracy was determined to be 95%. It is designed with simplicity of use in mind, and the business stresses that it wants to utilize the tool to increase productivity. Users may also privately share their work with friends, facilitating collaboration and feedback. Market analysis and financial reporting are only two of the many industries that Sharly AI may be used to.

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